Tate Britain, Sir Eduardo Paollozzi

Paollozi’s ‘Konsul’ is mesmerising. Probably not in the right location. The attention the piece deserves is dispersed throughout the other works in the room, which I find, a disappointment. The curator side of me is coming out as I see the piece in an area such as the dead house in the Somerset House, where I helped set up Julian Stairs “Quietus” exhibition. The dark, damp, ancient feel of the tunnels would be a great compliment to “Konsul’s” industrial collage of surrealist-inflected and brutalist outlook.

Again the stacking and welding of the different layers, played a big connection to my main project, referring to the sand houses of Iran, City of Siirt and the Star Wars films sets such as ‘Ksar Hadada’.

The technical aspect of the actual making of the piece was diffused between a team of people as well as Paollozzi. He had help form a maker in London for theĀ industrial patterns. Which I’m guessing is the positive and negative windows on the piece.

IMG_0497 IMG_0495


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