Reflection – Constellation PDP

I had a confusion at the start of Constellation for being in a group I was not personally happy with. This then altered the time I had to take part in a certain constellation group as I missed a few sessions. I became part of Andy Broadeys “Constructing Movements in Art and Design” Throughout constellation I feel I have built an awareness and understanding of key movements that shaped pre-war modernism through analysis of key practitioners. Throughout the lectures I had a growing understanding in the key epoch meaning terms of the Avant-gard Modernism and the primitive of surrealism. Throughout different discussions it was interesting to hear different peoples views with the outlooks of peoples work such as Malevich throughout abstraction and conceptual art. As I feel I don’t know enough about certain art works to have an opinion and to take part in a discussion/argument when I have plenty of questions but no valid statement to make for others to build upon. Surrealism and Psychoanalysis lecture brought me more interpretation as my knowledge of Freuds case studys took part from what I learnt in A level Psychology. Andy Broadey was an incredibly enthusiastic and well informed intelligent lecturer. I feel very lucky to have been able to move to his group as I feel I have learnt so much from him. Not just the academia but his uplifting energy for more intellect as well.


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