Reflection – Group Field PDP

Group field was an unexpected project to be thrown into. It must’ve been my first or second week at Cardiff and everything was happening very quickly. The opportunity to work with new people was perfect for meeting a whole new group of people. The communication between all of us was interesting for how it changed the more time we spent with each other to how freely we started to discuss our ideas and perceptions. Although the group field was distanced from ceramics it was a nice change. I felt it went on for a very long time, if it were to last for 2/3 weeks as a very short project with extensive research I would have felt a lot more confident in it. The dynamics of the group were difficult to distinguish. Trying to communicate with everyone was a challenge. It ended up that pairs of us were seeing each other, setting a direction for the project, altering the mode of communication. Although it was interesting how we came across the idea of  living in two worlds, having two identities of our community as well as the cyber world, media has altered our communication. The growing importance for technology in our lives was a big perspective for me inside and outside of the project. It made me more aware of everything going on around me, seeing what direction the us humans are going in. I see technology as the definition for what modern day is. I’d be interested in taking part in group work again. Possibly started with people in the same discipline then broadening out.



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