Reflection – Individual

Considering I started a term late, missing the first term of vital techniques, experimentation, workshops of all different materials. I feel I powered through as much as I could to get back on track with everyone else around me. Although it has been hard work mentally to get back on track with my self personally as the move from London to Cardiff as well as a different track of life decisions. The move threw me off guard a little bit more than I thought it would once the situation became reality. I feel I made the most of the opportunities I would’ve missed out on in the first term by taking part in all the different workshops such as slip casting and laser cutting as well as familiarising myself with throwing again. I only started throwing when I attended Falmouth University and had Jon Humphries as my ceramic tutor. My experimentation of agating on the wheel was very exciting and great experimentation I’d love to push forward with when I have more time. Due to my feel of being slightly lost I tried to keep up the experimentation and to push myself as much as I could before I got stuck in the track. I particularly enjoyed working with the slips. I limited myself to very little technique compared to other artists such as Curtis Benzyle who worked with slips on top of porcelain. IMG_0197

Due to my unsureness for where I stand with my project I’ve been trying to block it out as much as possible.  I’m in need to glaze and fire my final pieces but due to timing and firings I’ve made examples of this in my sketch book.

For glazing I experimented with my post-made ash glazes from falmouth on some of my first (not very well made) thrown pieces. This unpredictable, interesting outcome  surprised me as the glazes were completely different to the results in falmouth. The different temperatures and chemicals of clay gave a completely different result to what I expected. Obviously a result I’ll never receive again due to the unpredictable outcome of all ash glazes due to the different balance of chemicals.

The most important part of my glazing process in the second term was the making of crater glaze. Using an already made recipe from the university I started with the base ingredients, tested the glaze. Then started to add different oxides. I wish to still carry on with the crater glazes in time outside of uni projects as I love the raw organic effect it has upon thrown, possibly coiled, pieces. I wished to apply the different oxidised glazes to my maquette pieces. But as always with ceramics due to timing I was not able to do this. In the mean time I have made examples of the possible outcomes in my sketchbook and have an added image here.

Galze Final052house glaze054house glaze053house glaze055house glaze056

I feel I am a very hard worker, I have a lot of passion that I thrive to accentuate into different subjects all at the same time. Yet this is not what I have done throughout this project. As much as I’ve tried to, no spark had been made. I’m sad that the project is over as I feel I could really carry it on and make it stronger. Yet I’m also glad as I feel I need a new fresh project to work upon with my new state of mind towards almost everything now. After the Easter break I feel I really got time to think of everything that happened in the first term, living wise and university wise. This made me feel more sure about myself coming back into the second term. Maybe not ready for the deadline but aware that I really have just moved to Cardiff and started a whole new course of studying Ceramics as a degree.


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