Group Tutorial

group tutorial057

As a group we covered the process of each others projects. Finding what we as individuals need to work on, what direction to head for in the right time for the deadline of June the 13th. I felt I learnt from the others in the group for the different ways of working and seeing things. Different discussions of certain issues were covered such as sinkholes, animal slaughter things that are very far from the subject of ceramics. Which is what I love. As ceramic students we can cover any subject and be able to find our own creative way of connecting it to ourselves and the project. My issues of the “Positive/Negative” project is, having to restart,(as I’m not happy with my ideas of the gramophone) which means i’m starting the project again. I’m trying to gather my thoughts for what ideas I want to concentrate on. Throughout my discussion I had feedback about shape experimentation through casting. I’m not too sure where to start thought. Whether to start casting lots of different objects, then transforming them by cutting them up turning them inside out and connecting them together. As Claire Curneen mentioned to look back at ‘The City’ project of my interest in the meeting point of objects. But with all this in mind I’m not too sure how this relates back to the project title. I feel this idea relates more to “Inside Out/Outside In”.


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