Kamchatka Peninsula


Looking at the convex and concave, work such as kate malones atomic balls and this ice cave located in Russia with a repetition of concave surfaces, which glows like and entrance to an underworld, has opened up a new perspective of ‘opposites’ (concave/convex) I’m now constantly trying to pick up new themes rather than sticking with one although evolution of my project will continue to grow unless I stop it to emphasise the smaller details.

“The pocked walls and ceiling are layers of compacted snow—more than 20 feet thick—carved by hot springs from the Mutnovsky Volcano.” I need to now take all these ideas and compact them into one, to look deeper into their experimentation and possibilities rather than hovering over the surface of so many fantastic ideas that have incredible amounts of potential. 

The roof of this cave is now so thin that sunlight penetrates through it, eerily illuminating the icy structures within.


small cave066 As I said in my journal, I’m not a confident drawer yet when I do draw they are not noticeable in my sketchbook as there’s so much going on around them. So I’m taking this opportunity on my blog to emphasise these smaller details.

I’ve found myself turning images into abstract shapes, stressing the outline of shapes I see within a vision. I want to continue sketching as it’s something that will improve my way of making as well to connect to perspective and measurements for more realistic results.


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