The Difficulties of building on top of thrown pieces.

I have been throwing bases for pieces in the hope of them to fall apart on the wheel or to eventually ruin the perfection of shape during hand building on top of it. As my throwing needs a lot more practice I throw my pieces with very thin walls. To then coil on top of them left them sinking and falling apart. I absolutely adored this piece with the twisting motion of folds and curves.

IMG_0965 IMG_0963

I was devastated when it fell apart! Instead I started to building on top and from the bottom, to create two separate pieces.

IMG_0970  IMG_0969IMG_0968


In the end I enjoyed making the end result as it connects very well to my floor designs. Reflecting the shape that looks like its own country. I chose to keep an opening in the piece rather than closing the piece off. I felt the piece looked very phallic otherwise.

IMG_1005 IMG_1006


I love the end result with the opening. It reminds me a lot of Ken Prices work with the different openings in all of his work.


IMG_0993IMG_1009IMG_1008 IMG_1007

After making a reference and being reminded of Ken Prices work I looked further into his work. The very modernistic styles he created whilst studying in LA, with close artistic relationships to people such as Ron Nagle.

The openings related back to the ‘In’s and Out’s’ – ‘Interiors/Exteriors’. Prices very random and unusual sturctures relate stingily back to me and my work. Very improvisational, unpredictable and free.


ken price059


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