Floor Mistakes

Just one hell of a random night I spent working outside in my ‘garden/patio/concrete area’ I was in the middle of researching post modern ceramists techniques artists and history when I knocked over my glass of water luckily on the floor rather than all over my laptop and sketchbooks.

I ignored the spillage as it was only on the ground, so could do no harm. Little did I know the shape that it left behind.


It reminded me a little bit of E.T with the wrinkly body and possibly long neck and oval head.

At this point I was so happy something spontaneous had happened because it worked my senses of creativity of everything that could come from it. It seems the most spontaneous and unexpected events throughout the process of the project have been the most exciting.

IMG_0921 Luckily my house mates had bought me a black board and side walk chalk for my birthday so I had something realistic to draw on the ground with. I drew around the outline of the shape then started to add small details of bulges folds and bends within the, now, body.


I started to pour water over different parts of the ground. Now a non spontaneous act of creation. Yet I still found very interesting shapes being created as the concrete absorbed and bubbled away with the water.

IMG_0911 IMG_0913  IMG_0923 IMG_0927 IMG_0934 IMG_0936 IMG_0937

As I had recently seen Peter-Randall Page’s piece in Bristol Castle park I considered his way of sketching very organic objects and his emphasis on negative space with a box around a piece that isn’t quite big enough for it.IMG_0938


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