Balls Inspriation

IMG_0951             IMG_0952


St Davids Food Court. Lighting presentation which reflects my concentration of the ‘Atomic Balls’. The metallic materiality emphasises the convex shape.

atomic balls061    atomic balls062


A luxury spa in Boscolo, a Milan hotel. These scanned photos from my sketchbooks are just examples of how amazing the connection between St Davids lights and my project are. They literally reflect each other. I love the repetition of balls, the growth from one to another very similar to Hess and Kate Malones ceramics.

ball reflection065



This is me starting to create my cast of the ball. Because they’re foam balls I had to apply oil to them to make sure they wouldn’t get stuck like my netting piece did. The mould was really messy and not as perfected as some of my other pieces have been, such a s my poison bottle and dutch house. But for last minute work in the time frame I had it seemed to work out somehow. Lots of things all going on at once. Can be a good thing but with my time frame it’s a very bad thing. But I’m just to go with it and see where I end up. I don’t see my self firing any work but i’ll try.


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