IMG_1112 IMG_1111 IMG_1110

Application of extra skin (layer of clay) was patterned by coiled wire. The folds developed through the application of the ‘accessory’ to the sculpture body. As I’ve said before I had been looking at Ken Price’s work and adored the openings within a lot of his work. The one bit of geometric shape in the dynamic sculptures. The skin is an addition of personification to turn the piece into something humane.


The application of the balls to the sculpture created a raw rupture and dynamism to the piece. I would’ve loved to have added the layers of skin to carry on the theme as its a very effective one but may look too over the top.

IMG_1116 IMG_1117


IMG_1148 IMG_1149


I’m happy with my work although I feel it is all very random. I’m not completely confident with the strength of context to back them up. I’m surprised that a lot of the work survived considering I was building on top of a thrown base which( as I’ve said before) because I’m not brilliant on the wheel the walls are very thin. But pieces like the middle piece in the last photo has a thrown piece in the middle of its body as the first sculpture broke. I now would like to bisque fire all the pieces and look in metallic glazes and organic glazes for the pieces. applying metallic to the balls and skin then organic glazes to the body.


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