Lucie Mcrae & Bart Hess

Firstly I found a great blog about Hess and Mcrae after looking at Kittiwat Unarrom’s work. The bloggers opinion and explanation of the work is brilliant and I don’t think I could write anything better than how they express their reaction to the incredibly original and expressive work.


Looking at their work made me want to experiment with different materials on top of ceramics surface. Medias such as pins, latex, wax and organic elements that would deform the perfection of the shape. Hess’s work reminded me of a new trend on social networks called “Sellotape Selfie”, where an individual wraps sellotape around their face to deform it and hope for attention for how deformed their face looks.
Instead the only material I got to use was string to wrap around the shape to deform it -throwing to perfection. Ruining with tightness to create a new shape. You’ll be able to see photos of this in ‘Pinching and Defomring” post.
I would’ve loved to use paper clay on the surface or even slip brushed on top for a cobble texture. All the surfaces i’m imagining are opposites, juxtaposing each other.
It tempted me to also start film making if I had enough time within the project, documenting the making in progress, possibly performance. The new human forms created through the addition of more medias, influenced my hand building shapes that are now my maquettes.

bart_hess_mutants_3 hess063


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