Sketchbook 1 Page 3

I started these sketches of the inside of fruits with the intention of connecting forms of fruit to the connection of their interior pattern.


fruit 4076 fruit 3075 fruit 2074  It’s replications from the inside can be very different from what it actually is. The reason for these sketches was to also start getting my sense of drawing back as well as colour distribution in pictures below.

color 1081 color 2082 color 3083 color080

I decided to buy a few fruits with interesting surfaces to cast the outside and inside. Instead I printed the surface detail onto tiles of ceramic.



IMG_2548 IMG_2547 IMG_2551

I then applied oxides to the bisque tiles to enhance the depth of detail and shadowing of the shapes transferred from the fruit. I really loved the shading of oxides within the convex and concave shapes. I feel I could’ve made more precise tiles to be perfectly measured and be able to use them practically but they are very messy.

IMG_2739 IMG_2737 IMG_2738 IMG_2735

After creating these images and buying fruit to cast, cut up and start being practical with, I’ve decided to go completely off subject from fruit. I didn’t feel there was much enthusiasm in the subject as it involved very aesthetic values that I was not willing to take forward. Although it was somewhere to start to lead me onto where the research of synaesthia next, due to the colours of fruits, tastes, and feel that we imagine when in contact with a fruit.


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