Subject Tuesday 14th (300 words)

Sketchbook 1 Page 13

During a Tuesday meeting we were asked to find a category we see ourselves to be accounted with. I chose ‘Psychology of Art’ and here’s a small explantation of how I want my project to pan out;

“In my work I would like to ignite different moods for the viewer. Visually i’d like to create abstract forms that replicate different shapes and objects. Textures that ignite different senses of touch, taste, and glaze objects with colours that object a persons mood of joy (yellow) or sadness (dark blue).

As a ceramics student I’m still trying to find reason behind my passions and actions as well as drawing others into this amazing world ceramists live in.

I am playful within work for good reason, aspiring to experiment extensively. Throughout my project I’m aiming to look at process art to show the time and energy within ceramics, all the hard work cut up into a series, as well as a final, finished piece.

This presentation will also alight questions of the realms of art. What can we label as an expression?

Throughout this ideal aim of process art I see the work being very expressive and physical, I hope to look into phenomenology, making marks and evidence, proof of the actions that have taken to make a particular work. The action will ignite the challenging extents the material(clay) will go before it’s weakened.

As I’m taking on two very big subjects of senses (synaesthia) and process art. I’ve started experimentation of plaster casting for synaesthia and gestalt drawings for Process Art. ”

That breakdown of the project involves some very big subjects and also seems very messy. But at the start of all projects it seems to sound a lot messier than it turns out to be. So I’m hoping for things to fall into place and make sense later on in my work and depending on how far i get to research all these subjects.


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