Following on from my hand pieces, whether I can actually call them pieces I’m not too sure. I found the detail of my hand and finger prints on the clay played a big part in my desire to make more of them. Connecting back to my fruit idea I thought of casting cabbage.



I enjoyed working in the plaster room and loved the anticipation of the unpredictable outcome.

IMG_2568 IMG_2566  IMG_2559 IMG_2560  IMG_2557 IMG_2555

I found it quite messy and difficult to pour the plaster in correctly so that it didn’t get caught in gaps of the cabbage leaf. The leafs got caught in the plaster and was needed to be picked out. But I was very happy with the outcome of the casts. The detail was exactly what I wanted, I found it’s very brain like, relating back to the anatomy as well as the hand prints. I’m aware that the detail of this cast will be difficult to capture and have justice for in a different media. I pressed slabs of St. Thomas clay on top. I captured slight details in the clay, not as much as I’d like. I’m not too sure what I was expecting from the cast. I had a great idea to have bowl shapes with very intricate details. They turned more into relief prints.

IMG_2593 IMG_2594IMG_2595 IMG_2596

I’d like to bisque the pieces and glaze them- attaching them together, using the glaze as a glue to see the result. The reason for this following in the experimentation of process. I’ve only every used lustre as a glue for pieces but it will be interesting to use my recently made grey matte glaze and yellow earthenware glaze to connect them back together to create a new concept.



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