Gestalt 1

16th October,

My first Gestalt drawing took place in university. The environment made me feel very uncomfortable and I found social anxiety was a big factor for stopping me from doing what I intended to do,which is to be very expressive and active in the movements I make to create different marks and forms. I found I kept thinking about what I wanted to draw rather than the movements I was going to make.


Therefore I went home to take up a real Gestalt drawing, so here it is blank…

IMG_2667 2


I then started to create the hand shapes I would make during throwing, alike to Alice Stockwells work, looking at the actions taken to make a thrown piece. During my drawings I was listening to ‘The Black Keys, Next Girl’, so the rhythm of the music influenced the movements made. I let my arms loose and waved them all over the place, doing actions such as I would to open a door, turn a key, pour a drink with pencils in both hands.




Then this happened. I started to make very circular movements all the way throughout and followed repetitive lines to find this butterfly shape.


IMG_2670 2


Here I found it looked a lot like non-winged birds back to back to each other, all snuggled up. I found this shape reminded me a lot of Peter-Randall Page, his powerful sketches have always been a huge influence to me. It still shows up to this day!

IMG_2678 2


I wanted to incorporate colour into my drawings to relate back to synaesthia and Kandinsky. The mix of colour and pencil made darker toned colours whereas the colours on the outside are much brighter. I find it looks a lot like stained glass with the fragments of colour within the spectrum of joy to sadness.  For once I actually like what I’ve drawn,  I love the mix of darkness and brightness within one. It’s a very sketchy piece, looking half done, half finished.

IMG_2685 2


During my assessment you will see this drawing up on the wall opposite my desk.



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