Gestalt 2

I made a second drawing using indian ink upright on the wall to allow it to drip. I do not like how it started already.

IMG_2686 2

I continued to use the indian ink and just create swerve actions. The black and white, shapes and patterns reminded me of an artist called Shantell Martin that I discovered on Instagram. A british visual artist best known for her stream-of-consciousness drawings  and light projections.





Here are two images on Martin in action. Her stream of consciousness is a great process of spontaneity to aim for in my work. I find the layering of narrative very interesting in her work.

mit041 mit101

My drawing continued and became very messy. Therefore i started to add colour to brighten the whole aspect of darkness within.


IMG_2692 2


I started to enjoy the piece all over again as i added colour to small invisible spaces that were unrecognisable before. I started to pick out main patterns and forms within the work that stood out the most to me.


IMG_2699 2


As I used different colours, I mixed others. I love this shading of shapes within colours and the shadowing it presents. I enjoyed doing my gestalt drawings because it allowed more freedom in my mind and work. I feel to really express myself I would need to do one after the other in an extreme amount to really mature my mind through spontaneity and phenomenological dynamics.


IMG_2702     IMG_2705 2


During my assessment you will see this drawing up on the wall opposite my desk along side my first drawing.


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