Life Drawing

I have done lots of Life Drawing before during school and Falmouth University. It was really great to be refreshed with it again at Cardiff. The model was great and so enthusiastic that it made us as artists work even harder to capture the movements and dynamics of her energy into our drawings. Natasha wa great in defining the specific points to be looking at in how we draw.

This is my first drawing of the session which is very controlled. I was so aware of my perspective(which are not well practiced) and very uncomfortable at first.



IMG_2737 IMG_2740

IMG_2741 I then became more free and made a outline and added more shape to it after.

IMG_2742 IMG_2744  I had vocal points in my work especially focused on the chest and stomach. IMG_2747

IMG_2745   An interesting point to look at is to capture breathing in action from living the being in drawings/clay. How this will be done, I’m not entirely sure but I hope to go to more life drawing classes to strengthen my awareness of the human body and transferring that into another medium.



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