Zhanna Kadyrova, Invisible, Visible

Ahead of the Saatchi I came face to face with Zhanna Kadyrova’s work, whose piece in the exhibition is taken from her series called Invisible Forms and re-imagines light as a heavy, opaque block of concrete to comment on surveillance and the unseen forces that shape our lives without our knowledge.


The presentation of this piece is very hidden in the exhibition room. I nearly walked into the other half without even noticing it. I couldn’t believe a piece like this was so hidden away, whether it was the intention of the piece or the organisation of the other work it was put with. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I saw this. It’s such a strong piece for me especially with the material use of concrete which is very industrial and the lineage shapes and amorphous shapes.

“What I wanted to communicate were the essential things that we cannot see, hear or feel. It’s not about myself as a person, it’s about us all as human beings, there are things we cannot see or feel but that have a massive impact on us. Light is one example. CCTV fascinated me because of all the things that it captures that can impact our lives yet we are not always aware that we are being recorded. I have used concrete that is really heavy in place of light. I was trying to make light with a material, a heavy material that signified its importance. The main agenda of the piece is to draw attention to those things in life that we cannot see, but have such a great impact on us.”


Zhanna definitely has more intention and meaning with the work she makes which is very political, whereas mine is experimental for now as it’s the start of a new project. I’m using material to explain actions that have been and done but captured with the evidence.


tumblr_n5b6bjgpW81rpq0i8o5_r1_500 02_Zhanna_Kadyrova_Latent_Forms-518x345



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