Pots and Breathing

Sketchbook 1 page 76

Sketchbook 2 page 1

I’m not sure how to add videos to blog posts, but i videoed myself blowing into my pots causing them to expand, crackle(due to the ball and china clay) and a few pops from exhaling too much.


I really enjoyed throwing these bottle forms. I feel they look very mature compared to other work I have made before in clay. I made them bottle-like with a “spout” to allow breathing into them easier. I’m using breath as an action upon the material of clay, going back to making the invisible visible connecting to Zhanna Kodroyva.

The intention of these forms was to use them as ‘Breathing Facilities’ . But I left them to dry for too long and created the walls to thick for any movement. After trying to exhale out into one this is as much difference it made; IMG_2999 no change whatsoever. Therefore I used terracotta and thinly to allow more movement.

IMG_2975 IMG_2978


Duncan did a demonstration of the ball clay and China clay powder applied to the slip on a thrown pot then expanding the pot to cause the crackling. With this technique I then used terracotta and polar opposite colours and very organic approach.

IMG_2996 IMG_2994  IMG_2992  These are my thrown pieces before exhaling into them.

IMG_3005I then used a balloon for one of them as the spout was to tall to apply air into the body of the form.

IMG_3002  IMG_3004IMG_3009

This didn’t particularly work. I then decided to go mouth to mouth with my pot and it worked. It swelled, and as you can see from this photo theres a slight rip in the clay from exhaling too much. I loved the satisfaction of movement in the clay and hope to do more work based on this.



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