November Assessment

I’ve felt the start of this term has been very difficult to place me, as a ceramist, in the new build and to be able to find my feet in the new grounds as well as get my creative drive back into motion. I tried sticking to the strong act of “Connections and Object(tons)” at the start but I have given myself a bit more room to move now and allowed myself to take other risks and make other decisions that I feel more comfortable with and feel I can take control of with broad adventures.

As you can see from the work on my desk and in my sketchbooks and blog, my ideas are very much all over the place and it’s hard to place a connection between them all. I’m aware that my work is very unprofessional and disconnected but I feel the start of all projects are similar. Any artists wants to test the waters of all possibilities or different things all at once. It’s that mix of excitement and fear together that encounters surfaced subjects and nothing in too much depth.

I have very weak sketchbooks compared to my past work. But I have based my project in the practical experiments and documentation of photography. Forgetting to document my work in writing and drawing. Although the smallest differences such as purchasing a bigger sketchbook has convinced more enthusiasm into my work.

So far I am starting and ending different mini projects within the one. I have found the end with subjects I’ve covered before, but now ‘Actions’ has opened a whole new world to me and I’m enjoying throwing and combining physical actions into those pieces. I feel more comfortable now I’ve resolved to the recent work in my project. I feel calmer now rather than trying to find anything to enhance a click and go in my work.

With my new direction of ‘Actions = Breathing’ I feel i’ll have a lot of fun in the physicality involved , the playfulness could turn into community practice to allow other people to create their own form from inhaling and exhaling into my work, creating their own piece due to the natural conscious of survival, breathing. This would involve demand characteristics of people feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable being watched exhaling or inhaling into clay. But as I love the sequence and repetition in work I feel lots of individual works made by individual people could be a start to something new for me.



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