Bottle Form


Last years bottle for my slipcast  and crater glaze experimentation. Very thin application, sets a connection to this years project of thrown bottles and there fragility once forced air is forced upon the forms.

Emily Myers is a ceramist I have been inspired by for years for her twisting bottle forms. I am looking back at her work now as I saw her work in contemporary ceramics store in London. Her minimalist colours compliment the simplistic forms.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 19.45.04


– After a chat with  Alex Mcarthy we spoke of creating cylinders, then breathing into them through long balloons. But the only trouble with long balloons is you can’t breathe into them, I need a pump which obviously defeats the point of the piece.

– Another form of practice we discussed is to slip-cast the forms created after the action of breathing – aiming to have very thin pieces to then test the materials ability of form structure with physical air.

contrasting shades/colours

– porcelain/ash white black stain

alex mc096


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