Museum Workshops

Our morning meeting with Level 5 ceramics was based on workshops to be taken place during the “Fragile?” exhibition at the museum, it was very long and confusing. We were speaking about the object to be used with the kids, being a tile, cylinder, or possibly a boat. A boat marks the reason for Cardiff’s success as a huge flow of money came in due to products and materials, such as coal, being shipped out of cardiff’s bay to the rest of the world. The culture of Cardiff changed as well as communities were growing up to 45 different nationalities. We had to consider the advertisement for communication between us and the kids/adults we’d be directing the clay workshops to.


We had a meeting at the museum and was shown the recent Artes Mundi exhibition and the workshop rooms that fits max 30 kids in, the art cart and the lesson planning. We found clay, tools and matts for working with clay which is a big releif. A good idea would be to start certain questions and quiz’s for kids and familys who are looking around the museum.




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