IMG_3084 Looking for grey matte stoneware glazes I found this black stoneware glaze that I took as a base ingredient and added grey stain.


IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3087

Bottle shapes thrown very simplistic yet I am really pleased with them. I need more practice to make forms that are of the right height, or even the same height to each other. IMG_3096 IMG_3099

I’m adding manganese oxide to the bisque fired pieces. I also added grey matte glaze inside.

IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3103 IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3107Todays set of work was very frustrating. I started with 14 balls of clay to throw with and only ended up making 5. The ash white was really weak and continued to break the more I used it.



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