Claire Curneen – Field talk

Claire Curneen _artodyssey (6) curneen_Ferrincontemporary_2013_blue.-710x891


Primary research of historical work such as Corleck head Dublin Museum

Claire explained how she feels that drawing is a very traditional practice that involves our physical space and concentration of still life. Working with porcelain concentrates on the tension in a material and the memory of shape, that can become a very obsessive practice.

I found it interesting how Claire looks at the writing of Thomas Hardy, especially the attention to detail in his descriptions.

“to this i put my name” is a hovering of in-between, deforming her work for the story and narrative. There’s a sense of transformation all in one piece of work, recording actions between the past and present. I found the firing process very interesting, with the movements and shrinkage in the kiln.

Working with gold lustres- non-smooth surfaces much more effective than smooth surfaces as gold light bounces off. The material quality of porcelain and lustre equals a marriage of material, death crucifixion


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