The action of breathing into my pots feels very personal and very private, I begin to need silence and nobody around to be able to make the action happen. This is due to social anxiety, similar to what I had whilst I was trying to do gestalt drawings in uni. My work is very personal, very expressive and fragile. This personal stage that I’m in at the moment is needing to change into the perspective of viewers looking at my work. How do I want them to move around my work? What am I hoping for them to feel and think? How can I present a state of shock or panic all in one/ or a sequence of pieces. A sense of discomfort.



With the action of involving the balloon i could consider blowing the balloon up and tying it up so that the clay drys around it. Then to remove the balloon once the clay is dry enough to stay in the position that the balloon enhanced.


troubles with porcelain – twisting, trouble centring, tough clay, need a lot of practice to enhance control over the material.


Hope to start inhalation. Willl do with terracotta/ash white with much thinner walls  – saving time using those clays rather than porcelain.


IMG_3140IMG_3128 IMG_3131     IMG_3143   IMG_3133 IMG_3134IMG_3137 IMG_3138      IMG_3148  IMG_3151IMG_3155IMG_3154 I applied wax to the surface of this piece hoping that it would crackle. But rather than using ceramic wax resist i need to try candle wax instead, possibly adding oxide to it as experimentation. This would enhance a great crackle with some bits falling off and others staying.




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