Annabeth Rosen

This wire work is more focused on the idea of the cage and trapped, rather than the practice of spot welding. But it did enhance this connection with the artist Annabeth Rosen.

Within her work I feel the cages, encapsulating a mass of objects, is a strong connection to my trapped “air” within my subject project in my thrown forms.

Here are a few examples of the cage I made during my spot welding. I had this idea of filling the cage with plaster, clay or slip, for the shape to be trapped and in humane to detach from the whole piece itself. Using a tight plastic vacuumed bag on the outside for the material to not pour straight out of the gaps. Rather to dry in its place.

IMG_3317 IMG_3316 IMG_3314 IMG_3313 IMG_3312

11__WHITE_BUNDLE0 4509697202_62cf89a5aa_z ab368b712f200bbb254835b9b3cbb0cc

Bottled up

Breathing – the tension in lungs inhaling and exhaling – depending on the reason of breathing, the situation of breath

reason for the particular breath – panic/nerve worried breath, irregular, deep, conscious


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