Piet Stockman







Monograph Stitching Kunstboek 2002 Oostkemp

Expression is Primary

Material is secondary

“The main thing is what you express. The medium is only of secondary importance.’

Page 15
“In addition, the concepts of ‘stacking’ and ‘repetition’ with which Piet Stockmans is so familiar from firing his designs in the kiln, are also put to creative use. In the form of monumental floor and wall compositions composed of thousands of identical crucibles or strips, he transforms existing rooms and outdoor spaces’. What was originally conceived with a ¬†business-like attitude and then created piece by piece there-by acquires an emotional and repetitive character.
The spectator experiences this seemingly random and unpretentious multiplication, this purposeful and systematic repetition that somehow never repeats itself, as a process of creation without a beginning or end. By his conceptual approach, and by the simplicity and uniformity of his use of materials and colour, this work has a tremendous force with a great aesthetic and emotional effect.”
page 93
To Piet Stokmans, evolution means a conscious experience of gradualness. It is a constant meditation on his own decisions and choices as well as a purification of material, form and colour through deliberate and controlled actions. page 97

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