Salma Caller

Incredible talk and an incredible woman. Salma Callers talk was very complex but presented in a very understandable, simplistic manner. Her Anthropological research was very interesting in picking out all lines and marks as geographical, mapping, past and history of ancestors and history in different cultures. As she said some cultures present lives on with traditions in their modernity rather than diminishing tradition photo-22 photo-46 photo-16 photo-28   photo-416 photo-412 photo-217drawing if line




incredible sense of detail in her annotations of work

narcolepticrose-3000h-1  shell-and-bell-shaker-detail 1110216-cropped-3000h


I started to draw with black lines of my work

hghg094 hj092 kjhkj095


the History of Line, mapping what the marks mean, In my pieces I didn’t want to lose the emphasise of stretches/stretching and crackles of the power of breathing/air. as well is lipstick mark- colour crackle lines/print the presence


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