James Victore


James Victore a famous american graphic designer, activist, designer, author, filmmaker and fire starter.


as important as technique is, victory reminds us/me that ideas are just as important.

Once you see his images you rarely forget it

Never expect.
Thinking is what we do for a living. We are always looking for smart comrades with whom we can create exciting, conceptual work.


compressing/compacting so many worries and troubles.

Perfection is a myth, a destroyer, too assuming knowing certain – needing an answer whereas creativity is just open. Within perfection you are trying to be smarter than your audience, but there is no room for the audience to be involved.

Perfection stops you from starting projects, having relationships, if you are not perfect yourself. (in your sight)


Creativity is a curious act, it is not math – THERE IS NO ANSWER



We all need to take charge of our happiness. “your focused energy is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, with it you are capable of great things.”

“A focused plan and an unshakeable spirit are the keys to success”Big_plates2


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