IMG_3244 IMG_3243 IMG_3242

Many misunderstandings, graphics communication, two point five D, cmc furniture/wood

save as DXF file(.ai also work)

import to artcam in fablab(for large nc) import to coral draw(for laser cutter)

box maker – make a case

dimension cutting plan

open desk.cc
Gavin Worth


passion for the line – black line – use in wire to have the main concentration. very abstract, into 3d shapes as wells as pictures – photography- ceramic transfer




David oliviera

ll us about his very interesting wire sculptures. At first glance, it seems as though someone has just scribbled ink drawings on top of existing photos. In reality, the Lisbon-born artist who has a degree in Sculpture and a Masters in Artistic Anatomy from the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts, twists and turns wire until he creates figures and objects.

How does his background play into his work? “For me, to be able to ‘draw’ I must know and understand the object,” he tells us. “The knowledge of the anatomy is very important, because the skin stretches and changes according to what is underneath. The structure is fixed. The challenge is to correspond the theme with the object. My works live in an ethereal world, like a memory or a dream. The theme has to respect that.

“The spectator has a very important role, because in order to see, he has to fill the empty spaces with his own memories, creating a bond with the sculpture and his own life experiences.”

Adding to the intrigue, mysteriously, some of these pieces look like they’re actually floating. Reminds me of Gavin Worth’s artworks but messier..



David-Oliveira1082098321 1082098381 David-Oliveira


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