Field Written Report

The whole of field was incredibly interesting, although I found it difficult to apply myself to different medias. For this reason, I hope to extend my knowledge next time in my subject project. It proves again to myself how there are absolutely no limits. There is so much potential in all materials that I am not fulfilling or using. Although I do feel I have a fault of not fully understanding the softwares needed and used for the 3D scanners and printers. This takes a lot of patience and time.

Synergies between materials and technologies has enhanced my realisation of exploration again. It has awakened my drive for creativity and imagination. I’m afraid of it all as i’m very much a beginner in the context of materials covered. It has taken me back to my own philosophy of my subject area of ceramics.

What is it that clay does that other materials don’t? What am i trying to achieve from studying ceramics?

I have a creative, Fine Art mind and things I desire to create can be transformed amongst the realms of materials we have in the University. Not that I didn’t know this before synergies, but it’s intensified those relations and thoughts again. Possibly thoughts i’m trying to stay away from, for more clarity and grounded work within the realm of Ceramics. I know that I can get carried away with ideas, thoughts and creativity and feel overwhelmed with so many possibilities. I should really be enhancing all the materials we are open to use.

Synergies will generate a rich level of skill in me as I experiment through other disciplines to bring back into my ceramics, to take up the position of a modern day, contemporary ceramist/artist, those such as Grayson Perry, Ingrid Murphy and Marta Dlugolecka.

A reflection of my strengths ties in with the print workshop as I have a very strong sense of sequence, repetition, lines, shape and form. I want to try and go further with ceramic print and digital graphics with animation through influence of Marta, but for this to be realistic I really need to test my skills and improve my knowledge of computer softwares, to fulfil the work I really hope to create.

Field has made me realise how I feel very stuck in where my project in subject is going. Subject has strong ideas of the past, presence, and future, evidencing actions and using ceramics as the object of evidence, but;

How can I push it further?

What potential does it really have?

What do I want to gain from the project?

I hope to have gained an answer for these questions after the christmas holidays where I can sustain a strong context for my subject and the work being produced for it.


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