Kyra Cane

An artist that Pete Castle referred to,




Simplistic forms, pushing ceramic boundaries until the work has a voice of its own. Holding its exposed identity, using Manganese Oxide. Her ceramic vessels are monumental, handling surface and form with great sensitivity and throwing on an extravagant scale. Indentations are a response not only to the form, but also the fulfilment of the impulse to mark and distort an even and symmetrical structure. References are made to the wild open spaces where she loves to draw. The edge of the land has a particular fascination for her; that place where earth meets vast open seas and huge expansive skies, and the marks Kyra employs allude to these, layers of oxides and stains are brushed, rubbed out, built up and exposed to multiple firings at high temperatures which increase the risk of failure but hopefully achieve a greater degree of resolution.


Anne Marie Laureys, a similar aspect of pushing boundaries of ceramics. Her pieces physically give me chills of excitement with the crimps, folds and twists held so strongly and vulnerable within her form. I feel her work has formed such a strong presence but can very easily be pushed to destruction. Possibly forming a loss or recreation of identity.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 15.00.46 Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 15.01.02



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