Sensory Spectacle

Firstly we had our field with Becky Lyddon, concerning our sense and how others senses of the external world can be fragmented, confused and overwhelming at times. Depending on the individuals hyper or hypo response to external environments and how they react to it. Considering how people with autism see the world and communicate is a huge inspiration to consider others difficulties. Becky set us a task to set five points about ice-cream them to make a drawing. I thought of lots of ice cream parlour balls of ice-cream piled on top of each other, then cones coming off of them from different directions, this tower of ice creams then made me think of Anna Barlow’s ceramic work, with the melting, cherries and star sprinkles.


To then find out the ice cream Becky was offering was actually cold mashed potatoes, which was interesting as I had my taste after seeing a few peoples reactions. I could see that it wasn’t ice-cream a few of us were eating.

This scan of my sketchbook is an example of me testing copper oxide as a material to use to respond to Becky’s sensory exhibition but I decided it’s quite a dangerous material and causes powder. Instead i made Terracotta and Porcelain slip to pronounce texture and expression within my drawings.



I really wanted to let go and analyse the techniques we had covered over the past weeks into my response drawings to Beckys work. I considered using the materiality of the paper, visualising a feeling, a sound, using a balloon as a drawing tool.
The first piece ‘Lola’s World’ was an encapsulating piece. As vision is so vital to considering seeing the world in overlapping, fragmented images is hard to relate to.





I blurred certain parts with porcelain slip then rubbing graphite on top, also considered the 3d part because of the layering of mirrors on top of each other. It was interesting to hear people curious of what might be underneath the fold. A feeling of suspense.
I then concentrated on ‘Being Ben’, considering sound. The claustrophobia, muffled and stuffy environment was uncomfortable. I used terracotta slip more in this drawing and also considered what a loud sound like a popping balloon would sound like to an individual with autism. Rein acting an explosion of sound out side of the comfort zone (box).
The drawing for the chair is very abstract. I took one shape and considered the movements of rocking, which then turned into tidal waves, then to a landscape. This image has been rotated from the original angle.

This reminded me of Kyra Cane, an artist mentioned by Pete Castle at the start of the term, and Zoe Preece in a field session. Kyra’s inspiration
of landscapes on her pots is a beautiful resonance.

This led me to throw a few pieces that are very fragile, experimental and top heavy, challenging the gravity and balancing.




Although I did have a few mishaps moving them from one place to another.




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