Rob Pepperell


Excersises in preparation for Drawing as an Experience in field 2 with Natasha

“Central to his work is an investigation of the nature of perceptual consciousness, carried out through both philosophical inquiry and the practice of painting and drawing — topics on which he lectures internationally.

Pepperell’s paintings and drawings are the result of intensive experimentation in materials and methods designed to evoke a very specific, though elusive, state of mind. The works induce a disrupted perceptual condition in which what we see cannot be matched with what we know. Instead of a recognisable depiction the viewer is presented with — what the art historian Dario Gamboni has called — a ‘potential image’, that is, a complex multiplicity of possible images, none of which ever finally resolves. “

I found Pepperells work very interesting, focusing on our vocal point in vision, how our eyes work as a pair and the true vision we are seeing and how to document that.

I would like to put into practice drawing with left/right eye, left/right hand and focusing on one subject as well as drawing the surrounding how they are whilst my attention is based in one place, their angle and focus quality will be very different to how it may look in our head than in reality.

Studio painting 6 (White series) Studio painting 8 (White series)


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