The Musicality of Drawing





Emma Rawson

a subject of dying, where the whole world has shrunk, with a huge sense of peace. The outside world doesn’t exist, just a time of waiting and feeling deserted.

7th on the violin needs to go somewhere, to finish, to go home, to have a certain cadence, but Beth doesn’t allow it to finish or move forward. The singing involved has a whole being to take part.

Dawson’s work communicates and explores remembered sensations of time. “The ability of human memory to store and absorb an experience to accommodate it.

The storage within the glass pieces are spaces of memory occupying more than the actual object/thing itself.

The material glass is a quiet, silent material with an internal realm. Signifying house that all look the same from the exterior but involves a life and memories within, that don’t necessarily take up physical space but mental space for those involved. No objects, only in the mind.


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