Ceramic Artists

Henk Wolvers

IMG_4118Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 22.44.42

Johannes Nagel

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Kaori Yamashita


Works with various elements of 3D works, drawings and small sculptures. There are also uncertain elements contained in images, to be found in any physical sensation, including those in ones memories. To create objects that possess non-indicative, neural images, images that are too incomplete to indicate anything. Images that stand half destroyed.

“I think that the role of art is to reveal the disintegration and to see the distorted space of those fluctuations.”

“I feel that the resulting space will distort the world we know.”

– inspiration for installation work.


When I capture an ordinary moment as an image of the world, the joints supporting daily life begin to wobble and connections between objects start to collapse.

My art resides at the border of the known –things that are identified by signs or languages– and the unknown. The uncertainties of contemporary societies gives me an impetus to make art. My work retains a continuous relationship with the environment, hence presents a feeling of distance from reality. I call these experiences “the sensations of collapse”. It refers to an emotion (pathos) towards elements that ordinarily do not call for attention. This chasm and division provides a consciousness of fluctuation and dislocation. There is a possibility that the sensation of collapse may distort the environment and the world that we are already familiar with. The traces of my hands suggest a fall and space becomes a material that should be shaken or be deprived of a form. I think that the role of art includes the presentation of such a fall or space distorted by a kind of undulation for viewers.






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