Petcha kutcha 

Looking at materiality the softwares and engagement during the synergies field was a huge over stimulation of so many opportunities which is a good to handle all these different disciplines, but hard to engage as there is so much going on. The field made me question the use of clay and why am I focusing my study’s on the material. What it can do that other materials can’t.

Drawing as an experience was a very experimental and emotional opportunity for new realms of creativity. The energy required was uplifting, engaging a new type of freedom within the arts. The field emphasised how important the process of creativity is rather than the final outcome. Field made me consider the importance of an object, their presence as a form rather than a function. Gillian Lowndes is an artist I want to expand my research on as I came across her work whilst my volunteering work at Ken Stradling Collection. My questioning of the vessel is expanding as well. Trying to define my work, whether it’s fictional, sculptural, a vessel or an installation. I am growing on the idea on making my work as an installation as I’m increasing on sequence and  repetition. Maybe doing further research in to Sara, Phoebe Cummings and Johannes Nagel to support my genre of work.

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