Chloe Piene

Looking at Chloe Piene’s work expresses sensorial extracts, such as our nerve endings within drawing and experience, making it very sensorial. Piene uses drawing as a live experience of the moment rather than trying to replace or describe that moment. Piene’s slippery, charged line ravels into bodies whose fleshly incarnations maintain an openness, their male and female components unfurling through layers, hovering in an ongoing state of flux.

Her work relates to me as an influence from the Field subject of “Drawing as an Experience”. Looking for ways to reproduce a live experience through drawing. Her simplicity of a complex human condition is mesmerising. She unfurls, in the simplest of forms, the experience humans have through ecstasy of their own body and thoughts.

“The work of Chloe Piene is known for its ability to straddle a wide spectrum, in its play of materials and as a certain philosophical position. Her work has made various and diverse associations with prisoners, love letters, failure, and heroic transformation. Piene has been called both brutal and delicate; figurative, forensic, erotic and fantastic. Her video and sculpture utilize the greater sensory impact of noise, time, shadow, and heavy material to dig visibly into the more subterranean levels of experience. She is known widely for her delicate and penetrating drawings, which are typically anchored in the body and skirt the boundaries of fashion and anatomy.

Death is light, and Death is heavy; typical to her work she creates a space which accommodates every extreme.
Chloe Piene was born in 1972 and lives and works in New York.”



Pienes connection to my practical and concept of work relates to the live experience of any making, creating work in a moment of experience rather than a ready planned idea constructed over time. Her sensorial visuality helps create a sense of connection to the human figure and the sensations running through the forms body.


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