Your Personal Archive

Week #4

Hi everyone,

I’ve really enjoyed reading about the personal collections. There’s a lot I can relate to with objects such as letters, postcards and gallery booklets. Personally I collect postcards from different countries I travel to, galleries and museums of art works that stand out to me, or patterns. I also find myself collecting small objects and press plants or flowers in little sketchbooks. An example is a recent trip I took to Bordeaux, I stayed in a house called La Perdix, which was blossoming, and I filled my pages with small petals and flowers. Another example is a current exhibition in the National Museum of Wales presenting Claire Twombeys “Consciousness/Conscience”, I have kept pieces of unbisqued clay that I hope to form into my own ceramic piece to hold these fragments within.

I admit I hoard lots of other objects, the collection of my own ceramics work is a huge factor, I have filled my garage and green house with my work all packaged up as well as work on show in my living room, kitchen, bedrooms and other people’s houses. It’s interesting to see my work from year’s back still being preserved in different places, presenting the past of my creativity which is very different to how I work now.

I’ve found myself starting to collect different bottles since I visited Berlin in January; I have continued to keep beer/wine/juice bottles with interesting shapes, rich graphic design and typography, or even the pure memory of keeping a bottle of a drink I highly enjoyed. 

 With my collection of posters and postcards, I change my wall decoration every couple of months for a change of a room’s interior, at the moment my presentation of postcards are from Ken Stradling Collection.



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