Object of Desire

Week #5

I’m interested in our classifications of objects, so my object of desire is David Clarkes ‘Silver Plate Spoon and Pewter’ part of the Spoonie Collection. Clarke is a silversmith, transforming the traditions, going to extremes to experiment material. He misleads his viewers in its refusal of function. The material of silverware relates to the comfort of our home, Clarke intentionally subverts the purpose of the functional spoon and disrupts expectations and boundaries into a challenging yet aesthetically pleasing object.

These spoons that have been purchased through eBay could be seen as objects of no true value, but their always sits a narrative and relation for objects. A spoons functionality relate to tea for example. Looking at points of observation, the angles and perspectives we see objects in. Yet through Clarkes transformation, we may see this new creating as a gallery scene or highly treasured silverware in a museums collection.

The reference I made in the first paragraph to the works being ‘aesthetic’ is an uncertain term of phrase to use as classifications of beauty are blurred. We could see freedom of irregularity in making as beauty, such as the experimental works we see from Clarke.

Do we agree that beauty is a property of an art object or a function of perception/knowledge?

It links back to the fashions, morals and passions of the particular era.

Caroline, I found your object interesting and the links you made to the significance of objects, the power and desire objects can create. The narrative of a personal history- our tastes and views of beauty such as jewellery, what suits our identity? What we believe to suit our identity.


Picture 110
Picture 110

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