Broken silhoette

The middle piece of my crank pot, that was the main vocal point broke. I’m considering making another that is thicker, the same scale as my pieces now, but I thought I’d experiment with the broken pieces in the mean time.

Putting them into different positions, this reminds me of the XY or XX of sex chromosomes in male and females. A relation that has no connection to my work, but creates an interesting shape of incomplete work. 

I then started to try and balance and fit the pieces back together but could only get as far as 3 pieces without physically holding them together. 

Then adding the ash white pot in the background to hold the shape together alongside the crank outline and extruded porcelain to hold the work together. So far I’m enjoying creating different shapes and outlines of ceramic objects. But I haven’t come to a conclusion of what they all mean and what they are in connection to. 

I started to apply more pieces on top, but I feel this takes away the vocal outline.        

Again creating more interesting shapes, reminds me of Sarah work an abstract shapes.   



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