Currently having a day of constant questioning about my work.

Why do we practice in ceramics, creativity, practice of material – pushing the limits to find further exploration of the material, for tableware, for sculpture, for new visions – but how does this help others?

Why am I making the work I am making, playing with shapes and pictures

My work is very primitive and primary

Meaningless work?

Photo 22-05-2015 15 33 04

I’m remembering just how much being an artist, supporting my ideas, as well as working in ceramics – the skill and craftsman ship takes so much time and a lot of seriously hard work

I feel as though I have to use glazes on my work, but I feel this would take away the attention to the ceramic forms

it would be an overload and overstimulating piece of work

what is happening with the curation of work?

i need a bigger space for applying my work as a curated project

making another silhoette

because i like it

its in the shape of the pot as a replica of my smaller stacked pieces

BUT i want to take ceramics away from the pot form

otherwise i feel I’m following the guidelines of the generic potter- what outsiders see ceramics to be

i need to start creating a new pathway a new realm for ceramics to be further explored

forms and outcomes that we may not realise even existed

Photo 22-05-2015 13 21 44


giving work value

making in the process of expressing ones self

vessels created through sense of rituals – source of civilisations and culture, it’s about bestowing a form

a shared meaning develops in a vessel which goes above and beyond what is necessary in life

relating to what is sublime and greater

lifes neccessities

an intended blurriness that will hopefully lead to a concrete assertion

the functionality of my work does not relate to the potential of being useful, but rather to the logic involved in its manufacture.Photo 22-05-2015 12 59 46


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