A conference with Centre of Ceramic art from York Gallery.

The conference was a good insight into ceramics today. How institutions are working, studio ceramists, curators, students and archival online collections. Throughout my presentation I was talking about how the sensorial object was a space for education and further sensorial experiences through culinary exhibition and music. How the drawing as an experience field module changed the perspective of an exhibition space. Proving the exploration of work past the final outcome can be unravelled into a new form of life.

Me Rhiannon and Elloise also spoke about our opportunity of working with Phoebe Cummings in the museum, preparing her ceramic installation, and being able to see the Fragile? exhibition develop around us.

Helen Walsh from York gallery discussed digitising archives, collections database of 2,000 items, looking at objects, receipts, sketches, photography etc. can be used to create life stories for objects, revealing where and how they were made sold collected exhibited illustrated. I picked up on the talk a lot more now due to my involvement with the Crafts Council. I can now see ways that pages are laid out and the limit/overload of information that will enhance or stop a viewers attention.

As well as Jeffrey Jones looking at the promotion of ceramics from ‘Interpreting Ceramics electronic journal: past & future’. It’s full of very rich information although it’s a very traditional lay out. For the site to invite more viewers it needs to have a much more modern effect to it. Alike to Crafts Council and their 40:40 project, they need to start links with social media, artists and other institutes to carry on a strong recognition




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