Crafts Council London trip

This weeks session with the Crafts council was about Handling sessions, firstly we analysed the different things we need to consider. Firstly weather wearing gloves is needed for particular objects to protect the object as well as our own hands, looking at the fragility and significance of an object, different categories and customisation. But gloves can also take away the sensorial engagement we have in connection to work.

The principles you need to consider when handling objects is the material the form, the type, the method statement for complex objects analysing the objects points of weakness, make sure there is a clear path for the object to travel in. All interesting discussions in consideration of work shops i’ve taken part in with the Ken Stradling Collection and future workshops.

We had an introduction from the Wellcome Collection, Sir Henry Wellcome collected objects relating to historic medication, objects such as a phantom limb mirror. mirror-therapy-box

Looking at touch sensory basis, multitude of sense, our surrounding hands and mouth experimenting objects connection to an institution

We then got more objects out and created our own stories of the 1-2 A sandblasted glass of hands holding onto a heart. Possibly something that could be found washed up on the beach. A drawing excersise of having our eyes closed and touching the object and drawing without being able to see the object or the drawing. Looking at the narrative and life of the object experience and memory. photo 2-2



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