David Balzer

I have started to analyse the classification of the word ‘curation’, everyone is a curator nowadays, selecting and displaying, and finding out the ways we value things, find their value for the conscious of onlookers. The act of social media has taken over, we now chose and present how we want our online personalities to be displayed, creating a new value and online identity. “The explosion of social media led to accelerated curatorial ways of thinking. Value had to be performed like never before. Users are hyper-conscious of what they want and choose, performing this for an audience of friends and strangers doing exactly the same thing, often in exactly the same way. Netflix and Amazon tell users what they’d like, based on what they’ve already liked, or what others with similar taste have liked. In the retail world, pop-up shops and artist- or celebrity-designed products lend an air of exclusivity and authority. Distinctiveness and sameness coexist fretfully.” We are to perform value within curation, it’s not necessarily posses it.





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