La Perdix

Our first day in Bordeaux, a beautiful sculpture and further on to travel to La Perdix.

IMG_4246 IMG_4247

La Perdix was an experience of having a set commission project. We we’re put into groups and given a set course, mine being nibbles, canapés, peritevo and muse bush, to have a drinking vessel and candle sticks all from ceramic. We designed dishes for food, all set to one theme and we chose Roy Lichtenstein, pop art. Using 3D pots and glazing them as if their 2d, pattern of poker dots. Quotes on the plates in relation to his animation paintings and humour to how small the food was. Black outline on a white surface to enhance a 2D effect.

The second project was a figurative excersise of making a gargoyle of ourselves.

I experimented on the wheel with Mic, who was very useful in techniques of creating pieces in different processes. Such as these flat plates that started as dish, split and laid out flat, i hope to further create these pieces as a source of practice in throwing.  IMG_1291 IMG_4282 Our visit to a local potter with very beautiful work, we had the opportunity to see a working potter with a studio, firing space, and shop all in the same space. To see how much work needs to be produced in order for his business to run smoothly.


Throughout our stay we had creative seminars with Ingrid. We analysed the process of creativity, the importance of health and time away from projects to allow engagement and a further vision of your work. Allowing openness to change and experiment through our thoughts, questions, complications and possibilities. To not allow insecurities to stop that communication of creativity, and to challenge oneself. I found these seminars very helpful for a better understanding of other peoples process of working, I hope to continue discussions such as these to gain a deeper and richer knowledge of our ways to create. The mind set and exploration we go through.

IMG_1361 IMG_1474  Raku firings of plates being stacked. Our finished work with caviar, olives and a coconut aperitif. IMG_4285 IMG_1497

We were working in a comfortable and creative environment as if it is a commission project. Adding all the prices up of all the 218 pieces together as if they are being sold in consideration of the materials, firings and glazes, in the case of also having a profit. Good considerations and preparations for future sales in our work. Working as a group, proving quality and quantity of work that can be created in such a short amount of time.


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