Phoebe Cummings

Working for and with Phoebe on her commissioned ceramic installation at the National Museum of Wales was such a great and inspiring opportunity. Phoebe was given just over a week of split days to install her work, to see the time frame, materials, tools, space and electricity needed for the work showed how much organisation needs to be considered.

Me and Rhiannon helped firstly by marbling air drying clay and porcelain to make clay balls and clay grass for the cardboard box scenes as well as applying slip to the tile walls to cover any blue foam on show and adding more clay powder for texture. Photo 02-04-2015 14 22 09Photo 02-04-2015 14 22 13  Photo 02-04-2015 14 22 21 Phoebe had an incredible patience and appliance to the project allowing the work to change and alter through different difficulties. As well as working on the installation we had the opportunity to see the Fragile? exhibition being curated around us and understanding the process of work.

Photo 02-04-2015 10 09 46  Photo 02-04-2015 10 10 32 Photo 02-04-2015 10 10 41 Photo 02-04-2015 10 10 46   Photo 02-04-2015 14 22 50 Through my work experience I have learnt that hard work and patience is vital in work for public institutes and installations. I hope to carry on with extra work for artists in the future.


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