Tour Guide

Being a tour guide at the Fragile exhibition is a new step in audience engagement and public speaking for me. I’ve been engaging more with my knowledge of ceramics, biographies of artists and understanding of the works in connection to the theme of Fragile. The interest involves works that are also exhibited at the Ken Stradling and Crafts Council collection, two organisations I am volunteering for currently.

The engagement we have with the public about their interests in the skills and techniques involved in ceramics reminds me how vast, broad and limitless the material of clay is. My confidence is developing as I learn more about theĀ movements within ceramics and its connection to applied art.

One discussion that was brought up is the placement of Picassos jug, do we see this as a ceramic vessel or a fine art painting on a 3D form. How do we class different pieces of work, to also fit within a historic museum department. But also a live museum full of modern and contemporary activities.

Other considerations that came to my attention is the curation of work, whether it has been presented in a glass case, out in the open, on a plinth, shelf, etc. The experience of speaking in a ceramics museum space allows connections back to my own practice such as the techniques I use in my practical work, context of my work and curation of my work how different presentations change the perspective dramatically of communicating to the viewers.


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