Mind Maps

I have made forms but have not found the concrete understanding of what context they hold. I have been mind mapping in the last couple of weeks to make more sense of my mind form and how I want to present my work.

Firstly I was looking at having 3 separate pieces of work in correlation together, but as time has gone by I have gradually abstracted the work into one big piece. As well as taking away the outline drawings on the surface to have a plain white surface. No colour, only the clay body

Looking for what is most visually aesthetically pleasing.

I am looking for a tension, but this tension within the exhibition space may be very risky in health and safety when people are walking around, the pieces are not stable enough to stand by themselves therefore I will need to use hot glue gun to hold it.

What is the most effective level of the viewers eye when I don’t have a plinth

projections onto work?

hanging of the 2D pieces on plinth/form/floor

what is the reason for an outline and a balance and stacking?

“Battling” with the sculptural form.

outline edge determines angle of view and perspective

spent weeks taking the forms and assembling them in all sorts of different ways to find the lock shape

I don’t feel my work is about filling a space, its about the exploration, experimentation of the vessel

I know that my skills have not been pushed, but I’m trying to create a visual scene, in order to find concrete stabilisation.

lack of primary creation in Roger Krasz.https://cfileonline.org/studio-pottery-void-by-roger-krasznai/

Could it be looking into the void of the vessel?




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