Artist Statement

My work engages with personal values and ideas throughout spontaneous installation within a space, creating a new dimension of interactivity. My inspiration and influences came from the primitive ceramic techniques of throwing on the wheel, exploring shape, scale and texture with the finishes. I have taken a shape and explored the form in all types of different ways, through sketch’s, template ceramics and coiled forms. I admire the outline of shapes and the replications they can be made into.

I finally balance my creation in an attempt to create a tension that reflects the concentration that is related when throwing. That tension can be linked with the feeling that one may have when walking into an unknown room just knowing the outline of it but not the content. For this reason my work is responsive to the space and environment that it’s placed in. The unknown of a void creates a tension that I aim to replicate with my assemblage of artifacts. The scenography of my installation is as important as the physical work itself, this comes from my passion for curation and communication with the general public.

I lastly aim to question the identity of a void, is a void an unknown, unsettling place or is it a defined space that can be recognized throughout different processes and give a feeling of comfort to the onlooker.


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